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A Word From The Director.

Hello! I am Inoka Jayasinghe, the founder of Creative Minds Irvine. I was inspired to start my own program as it has always been my dream to design my own space where children can blossom and grow.  As an AMI teacher with 21 years of experience, I believe that Child’s mind is equipped with considerable knowledge to nurture and enrich their minds that are constantly curious and ready to grasp new events that unfold in their environment. Rather than being instructed what to do, a child is provided immense freedom to make decisions, a liberating experience for a little mind that paves the way to unleashing so much hidden potential. Art is an experience that requires free thinking, experimentation, and analysis which is all part of creativity. 

Creative Minds Irvine Montessori/Reggio 
Collaborative Preschool 

At Creative Minds Irvine, our curriculum is comprised of five subject areas: Exercises of Practical Life, Sensorial, Language, Math and Culture.

A child in the AMI Montessori Method of Education acquires “Total Development" which is concerned about the Development of the “Total Child." That is to help your child develop physically, emotionally, socially, spiritually and psychologically. 


At Creative Minds Irvine, we believe that children grow, learn, and thrive by exploring the world around them. It is our goal to provide an environment that helps prepare children to thrive in school and the broader world. In our program, children will feel supported as they engage with new ideas and learning. We welcome all multicultural children to the program as we strongly believe that accepting and respecting each other's cultures allows us to grow more. Having an open mind on all cultures from different parts of the world under one roof gives us an opportunity to learn from each other better.

 A well-organized preschool or Montessori should necessarily offer an accepted curriculum and a developmental program. Creative Minds Irvine upholds the principles and philosophy of the AMI Montessori Method of Education. This program avails the child with plenty of opportunities to reveal who they are, what they're capable of, and their strengths and weakness. Children will:

  • Acquire independence

  • Adapt to society and become a fully functional member of their community

  • Grow and develop intellect, concentration and WILL

  • Develop an orderly way of thinking

  • Be creative, think outside of the box, be colorful



One of our parents' & students' favorite program

Why Baking with Kids is Important? What are we focused on?  

  • Children learn how to follow instructions and learn to build vocabulary — Wash hands before baking ,Mixing, Whisking, Adding, Rolling. Kneading, Cutting etc... 

  • Learning the names of food, ingredients, kitchen items and ingredients.

  • Tactile and visual activities can enhance a learning experience.

  • Units of measurement and math can be taught in the kitchen and learning through doing is fun.

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